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The Golden Journey of Ten years :

" If motivation is your driver you are bound to hit the highway! "

That's the success story of Imagineering Services in short. We had begun with baby steps as a supplier of LED lights in the year , but we always held the promise of making it big in the industry. Vigilant as a predator we kept on eyeing for opportunities to take the leap. Our first chance as an installer came in the form of Hotel Sahara Star at the most conspicuous destination of the Mumbai domestic airport. Meticulously we completed the project and have never looked back after that. Sofitel was to follow Sahara Star for installation and soon we were hungry for a design and build assignment. Our empowerment as installer had given us enough confidence to innovate and customize fixtures for complicated locations. Our experienced staffs are operating at high-rise with safety, ease and expertise.

Our vision along with experienced resources and associates has opened newer opportunities in the Smart City development sector for us. Smart street poles with security cameras and network enabled, is what we have embarked the path of our future.

In the years to come Imagineering Services is all geared up as an organization playing an important part in various sectors like Power, Water management, Border's Security. The last 10 years our passion to grow along with a dynamic leadership has kept us going and made us stronger and fearless !!


The gap between concepts to creation has narrowed down Thanks to the rapid advances in LED technology providing palette of millions of colours and dynamic effects that conventional lighting cannot match in terms of design scene setting and ambience. LED due to their miniaturized dimension and low heat radiation are revolutionizing the way lighting designers implement their design offering unlimited scope for creative use and effective management as they are digital and hence programmable.

A greener more vibrant world awaits as we need to open the doors in our minds to allow these new tools to give the Industry a much needed eco foot- print in an ever more conscious eco world.



Imagineering Services newly launched smart street lights pole.

"The Smart Street Gadget
for smart cities today!"

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